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Hello, my name is Mo Moore! I am a licensed and ABMP insured massage therapist located in the Kalamazoo, MI area. I've been practicing and perfecting my art for more than 10 years, and I still love it!

The people that come to me show up when they have a minor backache, medium muscle pain, or even during their most troubling times! I make sure to help them ease back into their normal pain-free lifestyle in the quickest amount of time their bodies will allow!

All of my in-office massages include relaxing aromatherapy as well to help ease your mind off of the day, and renew your body.

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  • LMT
  • ABMP Insured
History of the Mossage
Got Stress?
Let me get you Moore Relaxed in dealing with life's most difficult endeavors. Allow yourself the time in these stress filled days to take care of yourself, treat yourself, and relax. My knowledge of muscles and superb massaging techniques will help your body maintain wellness so you can enjoy life!

All of my business at Mossage Health is conducted in the most nurturing, ethical, compassionate, and responsible manner!

I started my practice in 2007 in beautiful southern California! For those ten years since then, I have only worked for chiropractors and physical therapists. Until now!

While working with these professionals, I was able to learn many different modalities, like laser therapy and ultrasound. I also gained tons of experience with pre, and post operative clients.

The chiropractors I worked with had an abundance of professional athletes: cyclists, skaters, BMX bikers, a California state champion bodybuilder, and I was even able to work on two Olympic gold medalist gymnasts at the time!

I like being on the front lines of physical activities, where people really need me. On my off days, I helped runners and road-bike racers with their pre-race warmup stretches, and cool-down massages (to reduce all that lactic acid buildup). They really appreciated it, and so did the people I worked for!

Moving to michigan has provided me with a great opportunity to show a new set of people the skills that I have gained, and how well I can use them! It really makes my day when I can help anyone start the process of living a pain free or reduced pain lifestyle!
Michigan State Certification California License Plate I used to help road bike racers with their muscle pain woes I also helped marathon runners with their muscle pain woes
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$60/Hour | $30/Half-Hour
$10 off massage if you refer a hour massage / $5 off if you refer a 30 min massage

5 Free Minutes Added, or $5.00 off if you give me a shout out on Facebook and link this site!

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